Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Max Finnegan, Rogue Prince Of Pinconning" by Philip Wooldridge

Max Finnegan, a member of the Pinconning Clan of Mice, frets about the food stores for his people as the Michigan winter approaches. He tries to strike an honorable bargain with a local cheese maker, but when diplomacy fails, he prepares himself and his valiant army of mice and cats for a battle to ensure the Clan's survival. You'll fall in love with the charming little thief in this short story.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"A Dog's Tale" by Philip Wooldridge

A library in Northern Michigan is home to all sorts of curios and knick-knacks. But there's nothing that tops the stuffed German Shepherd, wearing military decorations, sitting and smiling quietly by the card catalog. For years, tourists have asked how he came to be a permanent resident in this municipal building; now you can discover the tale behind the dog in this humorous and heartfelt story.

"Granny Fuhrmann and the Last Supper" by Philip Wooldridge

Abigail Fuhrmann is about to enter the hereafter, and her immediate survivors gather in Northern Michigan at the Dog and Doughnut, a local greasy spoon, hoping for a low-key celebration with some good old-fashioned comfort food. However, the combination of generations and flapjacks tend to bring out the worst, and the best, in the members of this interesting, yet not so uncommon American family.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"A Time Called Home" by Philip Wooldridge

Two veterans of WWI, Clarence, an old warrior and Brian, a young man reincarnated from the soldier he was, share drinks as they discuss old days and new challenges, and each find their own places in the world they're meant to live in. Clarence, finding himself at the end of his life, shares words of wisdom to help Brian, his former comrade, let go of his pain and live a happy and meaningful life.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Quinton's Reading Rainbow" by Philip Wooldridge

Quinton returns in this second short story, and finds that he's having difficulty in school. With the help of his loving Grandfather Briscoe, and the patience of his school teacher, Quinton finds new ways to learn as he discovers he has dyslexia. Read as Quinton's mind, body, and soul take flight in this adorable short story. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"The Moose And Leo LeSander" by Philip Wooldridge

Leo LeSander was an odd fellow, but things got a little stranger that autumn when he decided he was a bonafide Moose Whisperer, all because one came out of the blue one day to chat with him a bit! Follow Leo's journey from a path of self-imposed divine destiny to a better one of simply accepting those strange little anomalies which happen to cross your path as icing on the cake of your life.